Independent Voices, Brolly Arts
Art Kite Installation and Kite Making
Salt Lake City, Utah
May 18 - 20, 2006

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, Brolly Arts, an organization supporting Utah’s arts community invited me to participate in an art kite installation as part of their “Independent Voices” program, an evening including dance, visual arts, music, video, film, and theater.

The installation featured my signature fish kites and was displayed at Westminster College.  In conjunction with the display, I conducted a kite making workshop, leading the college’s students in constructing traditional Japanese kites.

Additionally, I revisited Open Classroom, an alternative educational program, and assisted students with the construction of their Guatemalan-style kites. Lastly, I led kite making workshops for 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders at local Indian Hills Elementary, focusing on my “Kono Butterfly” and Drachen Foundation’s “Trepanier Trapezoid” kite designs. 

Drachen Foundation
Brolly Arts

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Westminster College Art Kite Installation
Westminster College Kite Making Workshop
Open Classroom Guatemalan Kite Making Workshop
Indian Hills Elementary School Kite Making Workshops

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