Big Helpmobile
Nickelodeon Children’s Network
Big Helpmobile
New York, NY
Completed August 1997
while with Annex Design

The Big Helpmobile is a 1989, 34-foot Airstream trailer which has been converted into a traveling multimedia presentation vehicle.

The Nickelodeon Children’s Network Big Help Program encourages volunteerism in kids and features the annual star studded Big Help-a-Thon television event. The Big Helpmobile was designed to promote the Big Help Program by bringing a multimedia presentation on wheels to community events around the country.

Signature Nickelodeon imagery was used to create rich visual graphics and displays both inside and out of the touring vehicle.

Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong


Multi-Media Production
Digital Farm

Special Interior Finishes
Mary Mann
Joan Joachims

Stan Shaw
Stephen Wong

Tour Producers
Oasis Productions

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