Body Basics
Body Basics Exhibit
Children’s Museum of Tacoma, WA
Completed November 1994
with Annex Design

The 3,300 s.f. Body Basics Exhibit gives visitors an imaginary tour through the Human Body. The exhibit is divided into areas that focus on different systems of the body including the Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, and Musculoskeletal Systems.

Creative play areas feature a Doctors Office, a Surgical Operatory with authentic operating table and a fully detailed fabric “Patient” doll, a nursery, and the “Heartbeat Cafe” which teaches visitors about good nutritional practice.

Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong

Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong
Dan Comp
Craig Matsuda
Albert Shepard
Tim Kelley
Alex Stryker
Michael Stenger
John Selby
Student Volunteers Art Institute of Seattle

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