Cog City Exhibit
The Children’s Museum
Seattle, Washington
Completed May 1995
with Annex Design

The 1,000 s.f. Cog City Exhibit is a collection of “buildings” from an imaginary city. Each building contains different mechanisms which illustrate physics principles or challenge cognitive problem solving skills.

Activities include air blower ball lifts, Bernoulli Ball blower, convey belt lift, multi-level labyrinth table, chime ball drop, and a vacuum crane where teamwork is required to manipulate a vacuum “snout” to pick up and move balls.

Plastic pipes and pipe connectors mounted on magnets allow kids to create their own ball drop mazes on a metal clad wall.

Project Team Design
Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong

Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong
Craig Matsuda
Tim Kelley
Natasha Boyd
Alex Stryker
Camille Towey
Jill Burley
Kris Urv-Wong
Cindy LaBlue

Special Finishes
P.J. Hummel & Company

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