MindScape Studio
The Children’s Museum
Seattle, Washington
Completed October, 1996
with Annex Design

The MindScape Studio is a 1,200 s.f. exhibit space whose focus is the 8 to 13 year old age group. The studio features a 6-station computer network system where visitors can try the latest graphic art, internet access, music composition, and multimedia reference software. Budding musicians can jam in the electronic music studio. Other colorful stand-alone kiosks contain an interactive virtual gaming computer system with blue screen stage and virtual reality helmet.

A complete audio-visual system and disc jockey station provide the latest in music and video performances. The staff disc jockey has full flexibilty to display realtime images from individual computer stations onto remote monitors as well as the 45-inch rear screen projection monitor located above the stage

Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong

Interior Design Consultant
Kelley Schumacher, Schumacher Design

Gregory S. Kono
Stephen H. Wong
Craig Matsuda
Tim Kelley

Special Finishes
Mary Mann
Joni Joachims

Computer System Design and Installation
Michael Wong, WCC Systems

Virtual Gaming Computer System
Vivid Group: Mandala System

Digital Video Consultant
Kurt Jarvis, Davidson Associates, Inc.

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