Drachen Foundation
Surf the Wind Traveling Exhibit

Lexington Children's Museum Installation
March 10, 2003

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last edited 03/19/2003

1.0 Wall of Wind
16 box fans generating wind for visitors to test their own creations.
2.0 Kite Surfing
Cut-out of kite surfer with dvd media footage.
3.0 Kite Buggy
Actual kite buggy with dvd media footage.
4.0 Kite Making Stations
2 tables with instructions and materials for making 3 different kites.
5.0 Computer Modeling
Computer modeling software allows visitors to create and test their own designs.
6.0 Geography of Kites
An interactive game table with kites from around the world.
7.0 Sky Gallery
8 Contemporary kites from kite makers around the world.
8 name banners, (3 ft x 7 ft) which identifies kite maker and country.
The banner hangs next to the appropriate kite.
8.0 Kite History and Background
13 full color banners covering the history of kites.
Each banner is 3 ft x 8 ft and are hung with dowels (top and bottom).
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